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DC Spanish

The reliable source for quality simultaneous and consecutive interpreters for your in-person or online conferences, seminars, or meetings.  Although based in the Washington DC Metro Area, our interpreters are available to travel around the country or around the world. 



DC Spanish coordinates interpretation services for events involving English and Spanish speakers.  We can ensure greater availability than a single freelancer could, because we are able to draw from a diverse pool of quality interpreters.  Unlike an interpreting agency, we don't inflate our rates by taking a cut of interpreters' fees.  You simply pay for the coordination services.  This saves our clients money, with especially large savings for events that require many interpreters over several days.  
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Every interpreter we connect you with has advanced training in Spanish-English interpretation and several years of experience interpreting for a broad range of clients in both the public and private sectors. This experience includes remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) on a number of different platforms.




We take pride in preparing extensively for each project, taking into account specialized terminology as well as regional variations of Spanish.  Our interpreters are committed to the quality and professionalism that communication across language barriers requires.


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