Services Your Interpreter Coordinator Will Provide:


• Determine your interpreting needs

• Recruit, assign and coordinate freelancers for you

• Serve as a primary contact for both you and the interpreters

• Negotiate rates between you and the interpreters

• Issue/revise interpretation services contracts/estimates

• Ensure proper scheduling of all interpreter assignments

• Serve as or designate a lead interpreter for your event

• Provide reports to you as needed

• Be “on-call” after hours both before and during your event to make sure the interpretation runs smoothly


As Required:


• Determine your interpreting equipment needs.

• Provide interpreting equipment or coordinate with outside vendors to provide booths or portable equipment 

• Coordinate any travel arrangements for interpreters


What We Do Not Do:


• Pay the interpreters.  Once issued, contracts are between you and the individual interpreters

• Provide coordination services not related to interpreting 


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